Lagazuoi - Falzarego Ski Area

This is a lovely small intermediate area at and just below the Falzarego Pass on the way through to the ski resorts of Alta Badia.

Although it only has blue and red runs, the blue runs are substantially harder than those in other parts of Cortina, so they would be a good choice for early intermediate skiers looking for a bit more of a challenge.

The lift system is made up of:

  • 1 cable car
  • 5 chairlifts
  • 1 drag lift

while the ski run breakdown is as follows:

  • 7 blue runs
  • 7 red runs

Skiing Falzarego

The Falzarego Pass is a fair way from Cortina (just under 20km) and the road is a narrow and winding one all the way to the top.

Most visitors will take advantage of the local ski bus from Cortina. This can be taken either from the town centre or skiers can also access it if they head over to the far side of the Pocol ski area, where there are ski bus stops at the car parks on the route up to the pass. This means that it is possible to spend half a day on the Tofana-Pocol lifts and then head up to the pass.

The first lift on the way up to the pass is the Cinque Torri chairlift at the Bai de Dones car park. The Cinque Torri can be seen in the image at the top of the page - the photo was taken from the top of this chairlift.

There is a choice of red or blue run back down to the chair. Alternatively skiers can head over to the Nuvolau chairlift which carries skiers up to the Averau hut and the ridge above the small hamlet of Fedare, with a long enjoyable red down to the bottom of the chairlift on the other side.

There is also a turn-off to the short Croda Negra chairlift, which is the access to the higher part of the Falzarego skiing. From the top here there is a long red run where skiers will need to keep their speed up to avoid poling at the end.

This red accesses the bottom of the Fazarego chairlift and the Col Gallina draglift above it. There are a variety of easy blue runs here.

Right at the pass, reached via the Falzarego blue run, is the massive bulk of the Lagazuoi peak, with the cable car of the same name making the steep climb up the face. This whole area was the site of bitter fighting in the First World War and skiers will see signs in the lift stations regarding the the history of the conflict.

From the top of the cable car there is a relatively uncomplicated red back down to the pass or the attractive long red run down the other side in the direction of Armentarola and the Alta Badia ski area. Once again, this is a run with fabulous scenery.

At the bottom, minibuses wait to transport skiers either back up to the pass or off down to one of the Alta Badia villages. The journey back up to the pass cost €6 at the time of writing.

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Falzarego Ski Photos

The Falzarego ski area seen from the top of the cable car.
  • falzaregoskiarea
    The Falzarego ski area seen from the top of the cable car.
  • falzarego5torri
    The famous landmark of the Cinque Torri
  • falzaregoaverau
    The view over towards the pass and the Lagazuoi cable car from Averau.
  • falzaregogallina
    The chairlift and road at Col Gallina just below the pass.
  • falzaregocablecar
    The Lagazuoi cable car and peak
  • falzaregotopview
    A vertiginous view back down to the Falzarego Pass from the top station.