Faloria - Cristallo Ski Area

The Faloria and Cristallo ski areas are located to the east of Cortina and are linked together some way out of town on the road to Misurina. The Faloria area is more shaded and tends to have better snow because of it while the Cristallo is sunny with superb views out over the rest of the valley.

The easiest way to access the skiing is to take the two-stage Faloria cable car from the southern end of Cortina. This can be accessed by way of the circular ski bus which runs between the Faloria cable car, the centre of town and the Col Drusciè cable car at the other end of the town.

The lift system is made up of:

  • 1 cable car
  • 8 chairlifts
  • 1 drag lift

while the ski run breakdown is as follows:

  • 1 blue run
  • 8 red runs
  • 5 black runs

Skiing the Faloria

In good weather there are fabulous views from the top cable car station across to the Tofana area and the Cinque Torri peaks as well as back down to Cortina.

Around the other side of the building, the ski area is made up of a series of bowls, much of them above the treeline. The Tondi draglift rises immediately outside the top station and serves the red run of the same name.

Alternatively skiers can take a lower path around to the left which passes the base stations of the Girilada chairlifts and Vitelli lifts. From the bottom of the lifts there is a good view of the steep but unproblematic black runs to either side.

The path can also be followed further and heads down to the base of the Pian de Ra Bigontina and the top of the Rio Gere chairlifts. Taking the Pian de Ra Bigontina chairlift up will access the black run under the chair, or a couple of long cruisy reds which eventually lead down to the road and the connection to the Cristallo area at Rio Gere.

Skiing the Cristallo

The Cristallo area is a small one but with some lovely easy skiing amidst fabulous scenery.

The Son Forca chairlift provides access to the higher slopes from the road. There is a mountain hut just at the top of the chairlift and the option of two more lifts.

The first is the Staunìes chairlift. In good (safe) conditions the chairlift rises to a black run in a narrow gully between rock walls. Otherwise it stops at a mid-station where there is a red run down to the main Cristallo area. Taking the red all the way down to the base of the third chairlift will allow skiers to sample the Padeon run, a lovely winding route through rocks and trees.

The run back down to the road and the connection to the Faloria area is a long traverse above some rock faces before the run opens out into a wide easy route to the bottom of the chairlifts.

Returning to Cortina

Getting back to Cortina is possible from the Rio Gere connection - there is a ski bus stop on the road.

Most skiers, however, prefer to take the cable car back down again. To reach top station of the cable car, skiers need to access the top ridge on the Faloria side via either the Girilada or Vitelli lifts and then take one of the red runs on the far side of the ski area down to the top station of the cable car.

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Faloria Ski Photos

The black part of the Staunies run at Cristallo
  • The black part of the Staunies run at Cristallo
  • The main slopes - showing some of the black runs - on the Faloria side
  • The top station of the Faloria cable car
  • faloriatopview
    View back to Cortina from the top of the Faloria cable car
  • View back over to Cristallo from Faloria
  • The wide cruising run back down from Cristallo to Rio Gere